Western Civilization

The World at War


     •      Click on the links below and TYPE your responses to the questions listed.

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Questions to answer:

     •      How did the historiography of World War II change by 1961 with AJP Taylor’s work?  What is his thesis, and how did it challenge previously held views?  Do you agree or disagree with his ideas?

           Click on the BBC World War II interactive link.

     •      On this site, there are numerous headings, such as “Blitzkrieg: Germany’s Lighting War,” “The Allies in Retreat,” etc.  Choose TWO headings and research the information within those two headings.

     •      Type a 1-2 paragraph summary of what you learned from these two areas of World War II.  For instance, answer the question, “What was the German Blitzkrieg?”, or “Why were the Allies in Retreat?”

Research Links:

           Historian AJP Taylor on the Origins of World War II

           BBC World War II interactive research link

World War II Interactive Webquest