Western Civilization


Topic 1:

Eurosquad Class Overview (online)

Introduction to Writing

Epic of Gilgamesh Animated Summary

The People of Ithaca v. Odysseus

An Afterglow of Them:  Crash Course into Ancient History (online lecture)

An Afterglow of Them (Part 3)

     Free Men Against the God-King: The Greco-Persian War Part 1

300 Extra Credit Response

     Athenian Democracy Debate

     Plato vs. Aristotle:  Philosophical Panel Debate

     Alexander the “Great”? Debate

     History Writing 101:  How to Write a Thesis-Driven Essay

Topic 2:

Roman for Consul Campaign Video

How Democratic was the Roman Republic?

The Catiline Conspiracy Debate

Righteous Liberators or Murderous Assassins              

An Empire of Madmen? - The Roman Empire and the Men Who Ruled

     Fall of the Roman Empire Debate

     Gladiator Movie Response

Ancient Rome Documentaries (Extra Credit)

Topic 3:

     Darkness Falls:  Intro to Medieval Europe Webquest

     Two Faces of Holy War:  The Crusades Debate

Topic 4:

     Quick & Dirty Art -- The Renaissance

    Historical Forum Debate:  Did Women Have A Renaissance?

Topic 5:

     Christ Borne on Cannon Balls - The Age of Exploration part 2

The Protestant Revolution - Part 1

     Martin Luther: Reluctant Revolutionary Extra Credit Opportunity

  Love and Religious War - Henry VIII's Reformation (Video Link)

       Love and Religious War - Henry VIII's Reformation (Updated Notes)

Mock Trial: Catholic Europe v. Martin Luther

Topic 7:

Documentary: The Rise and Fall of Versailles (Extra Credit)

     Absolutism - the Foundations (Part 1)

     Absolutism Lecture Part 2 - The Age of Louis XIV

     Revolution in England - Part 1

     Revolution in England - Part 2

     Revolution in England: From Cromwell to the Glorious Revolution

     The People v. Oliver Cromwell

     18th Century Absolutism and the Rise of Prussia - Part 1

     Historical Debate Forum: Peter the Great - Modernizer or Tyrant?

     Historical Debate Forum: Most Awesome Absolutist Monarch

Finals Prep:

Critique of Louis XIV (Duc de Saint-Simon)

     Thomas Hobbes Theory Synopsis

     John Locke Theory Synopsis



     Candide by Voltaire

     The Man From St. Petersburg by Ken Follett

     All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque

     The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah

Topic 8:

     Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Parliamentary Inquiry

Topic 9:

     Causes of the French Revolution

     Mini-Mock Trial:  The People v. King Louis XVI

     Debate:  Virtuous Terror?

     Terror!  Robespierre and the Reign of Terror Documentary

     Napoleon: Child or Betrayer of the Revolution?

     Congress of Vienna Simulation

     French Revolution - 2nd Phase (Part 1)

     French Revolution - 2nd Phase (Part 2)

     French Revolution - Rise of Napoleon

Topic 10:

     The Furnaces of Hell:  Industrial Revolution Webquest

     The Furnaces of Hell Intro Video (watch this if you missed it in class)

     Ideologies and Upheavals - Revolutions of 1830 & 1848

     Quick & Dirty Romanticism (in Art)

     Quick & Dirty Romanticism Worksheet

Marxist Socialism

     Thinkers of the World -- Unite! (Debate Forum)

     Nationalism and National Unification Part 1

     Nationalism and National Unification Part 2


Topic 11:

     Reformations of Science and Society (Darwinism), Belle Epoch Art Part 1

     Belle Epoch Art Part 2

     The Responsive National State (1871-1914) Part 1

     The Responsive National State (Part 2) & Western Imperialism (Part 1)

     Western Imperialism (Part 2)

     Western Imperialism (Part 3)

     The White Man’s Burden? -- Imperialism Webquest

Topic 12:

     World War I Modern Propaganda Film

     WWI Poetry Analysis

     World War I Poetry Website     

     Wilfred Owen, Anthem for Doomed Youth     

     Anthem for Doomed Youth Analysis.pdf  

    Glossary of Poetic Terms  

     All Quiet on the Western Front Group Book Analysis

     The February Revolution (Debate)

     European Culture in Crisis:  The Age of Anxiety

     A People’s Tragedy:  The Russian Revolution

     A People’s Tragedy:  The Russian Revolution - Part 2

Literary Sub-Topic:  War, Women, and Resistance

     The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah

Topic 13:

     20th Century Crisis and the Rise of the Totalitarians

     The Rise of Hitler - Part 1

     The Rise of Hitler

     World War II Interactive Webquest

     Holocaust Discussion.docx

Topic 14:

Cold War Simulation Room


     Cold War History Part 1 - The Postwar Chess Match

     Cold War History Part 2 - Peaceful Coexistence, or Continued Competition?

     Cold War History Part 3 - The Changing Modern World: Integration, Detente, Disintegration


     Crash Course:  Cold War

     Crash Course:  Decolonization

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