Western Civilization

Plato vs. Aristotle:

Panel Debate


This is a philosophical battle royale!  You will have a crash course in the philosophies and theories of two of the most important thinkers in Western Civilization and debate who had the better ideas.  Who will win?  You decide!


Your study groups will be assigned a role and develop arguments and questions based on the following perspectives:

     ⦿ Click here to read a short comparative summary of Plato and Aristotle

     ⦿ Your study groups will be assigned the following perspectives, and you will argue the validity of your philosopher’s ideas over the others:

           • Machiavellians - Plato

           • Jacobins - Plato

           • Praetorians - Plato

           • Stosstruppen - Aristotle

           • Cavaliers - Aristotle

           • Conquistadors - Aristotle