Western Civilization

Righteous Liberators or Murderous Assassins?

Panel Debate


This is a criminal case brought by the Republic of Rome charging the defendant, Brutus, with murder in the first degree. The Republic claims that Brutus, with a premeditated intent to cause the death of Julius Caesar, caused his death on March 15, 44 B.C.  Were the Senators who killed Julius Caesar on the floor of the Senate rioteous saviors of the Republic and its traditional liberties, or Murderous Assassins who must be brought to justice?


Your study groups will be assigned a role and develop arguments and questions based on the following perspectives:

     ⦿ Click Here to read an article about Julius Caesar's work as Dictator of Rome

     ⦿ Click Here to read sworn testimonies by the various key witnesses

     ⦿ Your study groups will be assigned the following perspectives, and you will eapch prepare a written argument (this must be typed) to present to the assembly, and you will debate the topic based on the historical record:

PRO - The conspirators in the Senate are SAVIORS OF THE REPUBLIC

CON - The conspirators in the Senate are MURDERERS OF OUR LEADER CAESAR

          • Machiavellians - CON

          • Jacobins - CON

          • Praetorians - CON

          • Stosstruppen - PRO

          • Cavaliers - PRO

          • Conquistadors - PRO

EVERYONE is expected to speak, and you will need to prepare arguments (either 10 bullet points or 1-2 paragraphs with 10 arguments) ahead of time, and those arguments must utilize source materials to add weight to your evidence.

After you have prepared your arguments, email a typed list of the main arguments that you prepared for your group debate to bcchseurosquad@gmail.com