Western Civilization


Important Documents

Class Introduction and Summer Work

     HSTR 101 Fall Syllabus

     HSTR 102 Spring Syllabus

     Syllabus Assignment

     Odyssey Study Packet

Topic 1 - The Birth of Western Civilization:  The Ancient World and Greece

     Topic 1 Schedule

     Topic 1 Short Answer Questions

     "Tell Me, Muse, of the Man of Many Devices" - Epic Homer Intro.pdf

     "An Afterglow of Them" - Crash Course in Ancient Western Civilization.pdf

     The Sons of the Achaeans-Early Greek Civilization.pdf

     The Crucible of Civilization-The Rise of Archaic Greece.pdf

          Athenian Revolution & Sparta's Rise

     Free Men Against the God-King - The Greco-Persian Wars

     Rule of the People or Mob Rule? - Athenian Democracy

     The Greek Golden Age

     The Frailty of Empire - The Peloponnesian War.pdf

     Alexander the Great.pdf

Topic 2 - From Republic to Empire:  The Roman World

    Topic 2 Schedule

    Topic 2 Short Answer Questions

    Forming the Seven Hills - Ancient Rome in the Age of Kings

    Sonatus Populusque Romanus - The Rise of Rome.pdf

    The Age of Mediterranean Conquest & the Punic Wars.pdf

    The Problems of Prosperity - The Roman Revolution Pt 1.pdf

    New Men, Dying Republic -- The Roman Revolution, Pt 2.pdf

    Death of the Republic, Birth of the Empire - The Roman Revolution Pt 3.pdf

    Casualties of Conflict - From the Ides to Augustus

    An Empire of Madmen? - The Roman World and the Men Who Ruled It.pdf

    Problems of Empire - Extravagance, Costs, and Consequences

     Rome in Transition - From Crisis to Constantine

Topic 3 - Darkness Falls: The Medieval Period

     Topic 3&4 Schedule

     Topic 3&4 Short Answer Questions

     Apocalypse Now - Western Civilization in Transition.pdf

     Darkness Falls - Europe in the Middle Ages

     Dante Tour of HELL!.pdf

Topic 4 - From Death to Rebirth

     Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse - Europe & the Great Mortality

     Humanism in the Renaissance.pdf

     Petrarch Sonnets.pdf

     Manchester Discussion Questions

     To Be Feared and Loved - Renaissance New Statecraft.pdf

     Protestant Wives, Catholic Saints, and the Devil's Handmaids.pdf

Topic 5 - Global Encounters and the Shock of the Reformation

     Topics 5-7 Reading Schedule


     Protestant Revolution

     Love and Religious War - Henry VIII's Reformation

     Revolution in Religion-The Reformation Spreads and Catholic Reformation.pdf

     Christ Borne on Cannonballs-The Age of Discovery.pdf

Topic 6 - Cataclysm of World Views:  Wars of Religion and the Scientific Revolution

     War and Crisis - Power Politics in the Age of Religious Reform (updated)

     European Jihad - The Wars of Religion and Military Revolution.pdf

     Toward a New World View-Scientific Revolution.pdf

Topic 7 - Absolutism, Constitutionalism, and the Search for Order

     "Terrifying Majesty" - French Absolutism under Louis XIV

    "All Else is Mine" - Foundations of Prussian Absolutism

     "They Obeyed" - Russia Under Peter the Great

     Saucy Kings, Simmering Tensions -- Revolution in England

        John Donne - “The Flea”

        Shakespearean Sonnets.pdf


Topic 8 - Old World Economies and New World Ideals:  The Atlantic System and the Enlightenment

     Topics 8&9 Reading Schedule

     CANDIDE Essay Response

    Intellectual Liberation -- The Enlightenment

Topic 9 - Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité: The French Revolution and Napoleonic Era

     Topic 9 Essay Response

     Fall of the Ancien Regime - French Revolutionary Background & 1st Phase.pdf

     Popular Hypocrisy - The Radical Phase of the French Revolution.pdf

     The Convalescence - Thermidorian Reaction and Rise of Napoleon.pdf

     Napoleon's Grand Empire.pdf

     Don't Rock the Boat - Congress of Vienna & Conservative Response.pdf


Topic 10 - The Age of Industrialization, Conservative Restoration -- and Its Discontents

     Topics 10&11 Reading Schedule

     Topics 10&11 Short Answer Questions

     The Furnaces of Hell - Europe in the Industrial Revolution

     The Cry of the Children.pdf

     Revolutionary Art! - Baroque, Neoclassical, & Romantic (Quick & Dirty)

     Romantic Poets - Wordsworth & Blake

     Ideologies & Upheavals - Revolutions of 1830 & 1848

     Marxism & the Foundations of Modern Socialism

     Nationalism & Unification

Topic 11 - Industries and Empires: The Age of New Imperialism

     Belle Epoch - Art and Culture From the Victorian Era to the Early 20th Century.pdf

        The Art of Manliness.pdf

        The Victorian Ladies

        Top 10 Weird Things Victorians Did for Fun

    Embracing Nationalism & Responding to the Problems of Modernity.pdf

    Western Imperialism.pdf

     The Man From St Petersburg (Book Discussion)

Topic 12 - Storm of Steel: The Great War and Its Aftermath

     Topic 12 Reading Schedule

     Topic 12 Short Answers

     Troglodyte War.pdf

     The Sausage Machine.pdf

          Anthem for Doomed Youth

     From Stalemate to Checkmate.pdf

     The Twenty Year Truce - Treaty of Versailles.pdf

     European Culture in Crisis - The Age of Anxiety.pdf

     A People's Tragedy - The Russian Revolution.pdf

Topic 13 - The 20th Century Crises: Great Depression, Totalitarianism and World War II

     Topics 13 & 14 Reading Schedule

     The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah (link to Amazon)

     The Twentieth Century In Crisis - Rise of Totalitarian Dictators

     The Man of Steel - Stalin Removes Opposition

    "It's Not Truth That Matters, But Victory" - Der Führer Rises.pdf

     Deutschland Erwacht! - Hitler Seizes Control

     Spineless Democracies? - Appeasement of the Dictators

     The Nightmare -- World War II

     Collaboration and Resistance in Fortress Europe

     The Nightingale Book Discussion

     Neighbors and Villains - The Holocaust

     Fighting for the Fate of the World - the End of War and Division of Europe

     Holocaust Discussion.docx

Topic 14 - The Cold War and Making of the Modern World

    Post-War Chess Match - Europe in the Early Cold War

     Peaceful Coexistence - Or Continued Competition?

     The Changing Modern World - Integration, Detente, and Disintegration


    HSTR 102 Spring Semester Essay Final Exam

    Need to Review? Click Here

     Simone de Beauvoir - The Second Sex

*Art/Culture Powerpoint Slideshows

    Medieval Art and Culture.pdf

    Humanism in the Renaissance.pdf

        Renaissance Art Guide.doc

    High Renaissance Art:Arch.pdf

         High Renaissance Art Guide.doc

    Art & Culture in the Age of Scientific Revolution.pdf

        Baroque Notes Handout.doc

    The Romantic Movement.pdf

        La Marseillaise.doc

        Neoclassicism & Romanticism Handout.doc

    The Romantic Movement-2.pdf

        Romantic Movement Part 2 handout.doc

    Belle Epoque-Modernization of Art and Culture.pdf

    Early Modern European Art Timeline.pdf