Western Civilization

Darkness Falls:  Europe in the Medieval Period

Intro to Medieval Europe WebQuest


Open Pages and create a new document.  Rename the document “Intro to Medieval Europe Webquest.”  Type a heading including your name, the date, and the title of your assignment.  You will follow the links below, and type your responses in your Pages document.

Open the Rise of Feudalism page

     ⦿ Define the term “Feudalism”

     ⦿ Summarize and describe the main aspects of Feudalism.

     ⦿ Describe the roles and importance of homage and fealty.

Open the Life in the Middle Ages page

     ⦿ Select Enter

     ⦿ On the right hand column, choose THREE different aspects of Medieval European life and summarize and describe those things.  Write at least one paragraph for each aspect of Medieval life.

Creative Extension:  Using the links you’ve already searched and the links provided below, write a 2-3 paragraph description of what daily life would be like for you in Medieval Europe if you were one of the following:  Lord or Lady of the Manor, a Vassal in a King/Lord’s court, a member of the Clergy, a Peasant, or a Serf.  Choose only ONE, and write this from the first-person perspective of the personality you have chosen.

      ⦿ A brief introduction to the Middle Ages and Geoffrey Chaucer page -- what was life like amidst the political intrigue, religious enthusiasm, and gender restrictions of Medieval Europe?  Take a look at Geoffrey Chaucer’s world.

      ⦿ Description of a Manor House page -- keep in mind this is what life was like for the highest echelon of medieval society!

      ⦿ Life and Commitments of the Vassals -- what does a vassal do when he swears homage to more than one lord?

      ⦿ Medieval Life for Common People page -- It’s hard out here for a serf!  Learn about daily life for the commoner.

After you have prepared your responses, email your assignment to bcchseurosquad@gmail.com