United States History


For this activity, you will review the events and concepts of the Cold War from either the American or Russian perspective.  Your task is to analyze the concepts, competition, and events of the Cold War around the globe, and enter into the mindframe of the people who determined global affairs.  Once you enter the SITUATION ROOM you will be expected to make choices that could promote peaceful coexistence, or could doom the human race.

Is this conflict and the possibility of a nuclear holocaust avoidable, or do we have no choice but to oppose the spread of competing powers?


      1. Click on the "COLD WAR OVERVIEW" tab.

      2. Watch the first video in the Cold War Overview playlist ("Cold War History Pt 1

          - The Postwar Chess Match").

      3. Click on the "SITUATION ROOM" tab and follow the directions.

Cold War Situation Room


Assignment Overview

Cold War Overview

Situation Room