Western Civilization

The Catiline Conspiracy Debate


In 63 BCE Catiline, a prominent Roman Senator, is considered a man of the people who wanted to bring forward many of the changes sought by the Gracchi nearly a century before.  After Catiline lost the Consulship, there are rumors of a plot to overthrow the Senate, although it is not clear that Catiline is the leader of this plot, he is believed to support it.  The plot was discovered by Cicero, and Catiline is now on trial for treason.  Should the Senate use the Ultimate Decree to kill Catiline and his followers and to put this rebellion to rest?


Using the links below, your textbook, or other resources argue your study group's assigned perspective for this debate.  You DO NOT need to complete any written work for this assignment, but will be evaluated on your participation.  It is recommended that you prepare some debate notes, but it is not required.

     ⦿ What was the Conspiracy of Catiline?

     ⦿ Catiline Conspiracy Evidence

Debate Perspectives

PRO CATILINE -- The Ultimate Decree should NOT be used, and Catiline should be allowed to go into exhile instead of face death.

CON CATILINE -- The Ultimate Decree MUST be used to put this rebellion to rest once and for all.

          • Machiavellians - CON CATILINE

          • Jacobins - PRO CATILINE

          • Praetorians - CON CATILINE

          • Stosstruppen - CON CATILINE

          • Cavaliers - PRO CATILINE

          • Conquistadors - PRO CATILINE