United States History


Team America


As a HSTA 101 & 102 Dual Enrollment student, you are part of the elite squad that is Team America.  You will be expected to complete some additional work both in class and out of class in order to earn your college credit.  Those additional assignments and curricula items can be found on this page.

Intro to the Course

     HSTA101 Fall Syllabus  

     HSTA102 Spring Syllabus

     Syllabus Assignment

Fall Semester Books to Purchase  

     Link to Legends & Lies

     Link to The Revenant

     Link to The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead

Spring Semester Books to Purchase

     Freshwater Road by Denise Nicholas

     If I Die in a Combat Zone:  Box Me Up and Ship Me Home by Tim O'Brien

Topics 1&2 - Worlds Collide: From “First Discovery” to Colonization

     Topics 1&2 Schedule

     Topics 1&2 Short Answers

     Intro to Writing Assignment

Topic 3 - "Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory": The American Revolution

     Topic 3 Reading Schedule

     Topic 3 Short Answers

     Topic 3 Legends & Lies Reading Quiz Study Guide

Topic 4 - Building the New Nation

     Topic 4 Reading Schedule

     Topic 4 Short Answers

Topic 5 - America's Manifest Destiny

     Topic 5 Reading Schedule

     Topic 5 Short Answers

Topic 7 - America in the Gilded Age

     Topic 7 Reading Schedule

     Topic 7 Short Answers

Topic 8 - "Over There":  World War I

     Topic 8 Reading Schedule

     Topic 8 Short Answers

Topic 9 - From Boom to Bust: The Roaring Twenties & Great Depression

     Topic 9 Reading Schedule

     Topic 9 Short Answers

Topic 10 - The Nightmare:  World War II

     Topic 10 Reading Schedule

     Topic 10 Short Answers

Topic 11 - The Battle for Civilization: Cold War and Modern America

     Topic 11 Reading Schedule

     Topic 11 Short Essays

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