United States History


Reading Assignments

Topics 1 & 2 - Worlds Collide: From “First Discovery” to Colonization

    ATA, pp 8-15.pdf

    Don't Know Much About History, pp. 14-23.pdf

    Middle Passage Document Exercise.docx

    Brinkley - The Empire in Transition.pdf


Topic 3 - “Mine Eyes of Have Seen the Glory”:  The American Revolution

    The Road to American Independence

    DKM American Revolution and Patriots Packet.pdf

    Declaration of Independence - The Moment of Decision (Debate prep).pdf


    Abigail Adams to John Adams on Women's Freedom

**Here are the Readings that you need for the Patriots Quiz!**

    DKM American Revolution and Patriots Packet.pdf


Topic 4 - A Nation Founded on Compromise

   ATA - Articles of Confederation.pdf

   The Great Debate - The Road to the Constitution.pdf

   ATA Anti-Federalist vs Federalist Perspectives.pdf

   War of 1812.pdf

Topic 5 - America’s Manifest Destiny

    Slavery - World Wide View, Then and Now.pdf

    Topic 5 Reading Assignment

    Cherokee Removal and the Trail of Tears.pdf

    Manifest Destiny.pdf


Topic 6 - The American Cataclysm: Civil War

    Civil War Textbook.pdf

        Civil War Textbook Study Guide.docx (Microsoft Word Version)

        Civil War Textbook Study Guide.pdf (PDF Version)

        Civil War Reading Schedule

Topic 7 - From Reconstruction to Progressive Reforms

    Don't Know Much About History (Topic 7).pdf


    Red Cloud & Joseph on Indian Rights and Surrender.pdf

Topic 8 - America in the Great War

    To End All Wars - WWI and the Treaty of Versailles (Choices).pdf

    Topic 8 DKM reading assignment.pdf

Topic 9 - From Boom to Bust: The 1920s and Great Depression

    1920s Culture.pdf

Topic 10 - The Nightmare: World War II

    Topic 10 Reading Schedule

    Hitler Challenges the West.pdf

    A-Bomb as a "Hot" Historical Issue.doc

    July 1945, the Moment of Decision.pdf

    Stimson - The Atomic Bomb and Surrender of Japan.pdf

    Revisionist Historical Arguments.doc

    The Holocaust.pdf

Topic 11 - The Battle for Civilization: The Cold War & Modern America

    Howard Zinn - Cold War & Civil Rights.pdf

    DKM - The Torch is Passed (60s & 70s).pdf

    Vietnam Conflict.pdf

        Vietnam Debate.docx