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Topics 1 & 2 - Worlds Collide: From “First Discovery” to Colonization

    United States History syllabus

    Syllabus Assignment

    History Makers Assignment.pdf

    US History Intro & Source Review Webquest

    Columbus: Hero or Villain Debate

    Middle Passage Parliamentary Inquiry

    Salem Witch Trials (Mock Trials Presentation)

    Review for your Test! - Crash Course US History: the Colonial Period

    Team America - Intro to Writing Assignment


Topic 3 - “Mine Eyes of Have Seen the Glory”:  The American Revolution

    The Road to Revolution:  The Stamp Act

    Massacre or Riot? - Boston Massacre Mini-Mock Trial

    Common Sense Discussion Qs.pdf

    Declaration of Independence Debate.pdf

    Forming the Rabble in Arms

    Team America - Legends and Lies Book Discussion

    The Patriot Movie Response Assignment

    American Revolution as a Social Revolution? (Activity).pdf

    “I am...” the American Revolution Extra Credit Project

Topic 4 - A Nation Founded on Compromise

    Articles of Confederation Activity.pdf

    MOODLE Assignment -- Constitutional Debate Discussion Forum

             ATA - Articles of Confederation.pdf

             The Great Debate - The Road to the Constitution.pdf

             ATA Anti-Federalist vs Federalist Perspectives.pdf

    Constitutional Convention Debate Activity.pdf  

    Sedition Acts Debate Activity.pdf

         Sedition Acts Debate Activity Arguments.pdf

         Alien and Sedition Acts Writing Assignmen

     War of 1812.pdf

         War of 1812 Debate.docx

     New American Republic Campaign Ad

Midterm Extra Credit Opportunities!

     The Corps of Discovery:  Encounter with the Teton Sioux

     Reporting the Underground Railroad

     Whose Manifest Destiny? -- Narrative Essay Project

Topic 5 - America’s Manifest Destiny

    Unchained Memories - Click Here to watch the film

        Background Reading  - Slavery - World Wide View, Then and Now.pdf

        Unchained Memories Discussion Questions Assignment

    Whose Manifest Destiny? Congressional Debate

Topic 6 - The American Cataclysm: Civil War

    Secession Debate Webquest

    A Free Man's War: Emancipation Proclamation

    Lincoln -- Tyrant or Savior? Mock Trial

    Lincoln Response WKSHT.docx

    Confederate Monuments Debate


Semester Final Prep:

    Semester Final Extra Credit

    Miss the Review? -- Watch it here!

Topic 7: From Reconstruction to Progressive Reforms

    The South Under Jim Crow

    Gangs of New York WKSHT.docx

    Immigration Webquest

    Robber Barons Mock Trial

    "White Man's Burden" - American Imperialism Webquest

    Progressivism Webquest

Topic 8 - America in the Great War

    American Entry Into War Doc Analysis.pdf

        American Entry Into War Doc Analysis WKSHT.pdf

    Voices from WWI - Life in the Trenches

    Trench Warfare Simulation (check this out if you missed class!)

        WWI Trench Simulation Propaganda Poetry Packet.docx

    To End All Wars - WWI and the Treaty of Versailles (Choices).pdf

        Treaty of Versailles Debate.pdf

Topic 9 - From Boom to Bust: The 1920s and Great Depression

    1920s Culture Webquest

    Intro to the Great Depression

    Modern Connections:  Great Recession Debate

Topic 10 - The Nightmare: World War II

    Hitler’s Rise to Power

    Ordinary Germans, Extraordinary Times

    Atomic Bomb Mock Trials

    Topic 10 Extra Credit Opportunities

Topic 11 - The Battle for Civilization: The Cold War & Modern America

    Decision Points: Early Cold War

    A Time for Justice -- Video of the Civil Rights Movement - Watch all THREE

        videos for this assignment

        A Time for Justice (Response Assignment).docx

    Selma Response Questions

    Black Separatism or Beloved Community?

    Vietnam Conflict.pdf

        Vietnam Debate.docx

    America in the Decade of Turmoil

    Topic 11 Extra Credit

Final Exam Extra Credit Opportunity:

     Second Semester Movie Analysis

     “I am...” American History

Semester Movie Prep:

    Fall Semester Film Project.pdf

    Follow this link to see examples

    US History Movie Project Proposal.pdf

National History Day:

    Click here for the NHD prep and research pages

    US NHD Semester Research Project.docx

    NHD Brainstorming Sheet.pdf

    How to Write a National History Day Thesis.docx

    NHD Annotated Bib Rough Draft (US).docx

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