United States History

Middle Passage:  Parliamentary Investigation:

     •      Introduction -- It may seem extraordinary today but, just less than 200 years ago, many people throughout Europe, Africa and the Americas saw nothing wrong in the idea that one human being could own another. The ‘owned' person or ‘slave' had no rights.  In this exercise, you will read through a few documents giving testimony both in favor and against the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, and you will read a summary of both pro-slavery and anti-slavery arguments.  You will then prepare a short speech to present before Parliament that will present the opinions of British citizens at that time about slavery.

     •      Process:

     1.      Download and read the Middle Passage Document Exercise

     2.      Click here to read about the arguments for and against slavery from the

               British perspective in the 18th century

     3.      Fill out the Middle Passage Parliamentary Inquiry Worksheet (download

               it here if you need another copy).