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    Topic 1 & 2 Study Guide

    Native American Empires Study Guide (Topics 1&2 Test Prep).pdf

    Topic 3 Reading Quiz Study Guide

    Dual Credit (Team America) Topic 3 Reading Quiz Study Guide

    Topic 3 study guide.docx

    Dual Credit (Team America) Topic 3 Study Guide

    Topics 4&5 Study Guide

    Civil War Textbook Study Guide

    First Semester Final Exam Study Guide.docx

    First Semester final Exam Study Guide (PDF)

    Topic 7 study guide.docx

    Topic 8 study guide.docx

    Topic 9 study guide.docx

    Topic 10 vocab quiz study guide.docx

    Topic 10 study guide.docx

    Night Study Guide Assignment

    Second Semester Final Exam Study Guide.docx

    Second Semester Final Exam Study Guide.pdf

Topics 1&2 Notes - Worlds Collide: From “First Discovery” to Colonization

    The Land of the Free - Intro to US History

    The First Americans - Pre-Columbian Indian Civilization

          The First Americans (Completed Notes)

    Worlds Collide - European First Contact & the Columbian Exchange

    Founded Upon Smoke-The Virginia Colony

    The Wordy Shipmates-Theocracies in the New World

    Southern Colonies - Built on Slavery

    Quarrels Within the Fold - Problems of the Colonial Period

    Devil in New England.pdf

    Decision Points-Colonial Wars.pdf

Topic 3 Notes - “Mine Eyes of Have Seen the Glory”: The American Revolution

    From Empire to Independence.pdf  

    Taxes, Tyranny and Tenacity-Defense of American Rights.pdf

    From Resistance to Open Rebellion-The Road to War

    Independence in Blood and Ink

    Liberty or Death! - Americans at War

    Turning the World Upside Down-American Victory.pdf

    American Revolution: Hypocrisy or Social Revolution?

    Abigail Adams to John Adams on Women's Freedom  


Topic 4 Notes - A Nation Founded on Compromise

    A Nation Founded Upon Compromise

    Launching the New Nation - Challenges of the New Republic

        Launching the New Nation Evidence Packet.pdf

    How to Get Dirty in Politics - Jefferson, Adams, and the Political Revolution of 1800

    War of 1812.pdf

Topic 5 Notes - America’s Manifest Destiny

    King Cotton in the Antebellum South

        Differing Accounts of Plantation Life.pdf

    The Bonds of American Slavery - Restraint, Resistance & Rebellion

    Jefferson's Empire of Liberty-Lewis & Clark.pdf

    Westward the Course of Empire - Manifest Destiny

Topic 6 Notes - The American Cataclysm: Civil War

    Averting Cataclysm.pdf

    For the Soul of the Nation.pdf

    "Gods & Generals" - First Phase of the Civil War

    "A Great Slaughter Pen".pdf

    Conditions in War - Women and Field Hospitals in the Civil War

    Tyrant or Savior? - Lincoln's Decisions In War.pdf

    "A Free Man's War"-Emancipation.pdf

    "The Gray Floor of Hell"-Chancellorsville & Gettysburg.pdf

    "The Passing of the Dead" - Defeat of the Confederacy.pdf

    "One Country - One Destiny" - Reconstruction & Assassination

National History Day

    US History NHD Semester Research Project

    NHD Brainstorming Sheet

    How to Write a National History Day Thesis

    NHD Thesis and Sources Prep (US).pdf

    NHD Annotated Bibliography and Thesis Rough Draft

Topic 7 - From Reconstruction to Progressive Reforms

  American Terrorists - The Ku Klux Klan and Reconstructed South

  The Price of Conquest in the West

  No Irish Need Apply - The Immigrant Experience in America

  The Gilded Age - Built on the Backs of the Poor

  A Splendid Little War - Imperialism and the Spanish American War

  Toward a New Era - Progressivism

Topic 8 Notes - America in the Great War

    The Guns of August - The Great War in Europe

        Profiles of Combatant Nations in WWI

    A Strained Neutrality - American Entry into War

    Mobilizing the Nation.pdf

        Mobilizing the Nation EC Assignment

    Dulce Et Decorum Est-Life of a Soldier on the Front Lines

        Voices from World War I.pdf

    Fighting for Peace At Home and Abroad

Topic 9 Notes - From Boom to Bust: The 1920s and Great Depression

   Intro to 1920s

   Slang of the 1920.pdf

   The Noble Experiment - Prohibition.pdf

   Life in the Roaring Twenties.pdf

     Voices of Protest - Harlem Renaissance Poetry

   From Boom To Bust-Great Depression.pdf

     Great Depression Cultural Response

   New Deal, New Era.pdf

Topic 10 Notes - The Nightmare: World War II

    Topic 10 Reading Schedule

    Night Study Guide Assignment

    The Coming of the Storm - Rise of Totalitarian Dictators

    From Appeasement to Aggression - WWII Sweeps Europe

    Bushido-The Spirit Warriors of Pearl Harbor

    The Application of Power - The War for Europe

    Turning Tides of War - The War in the Pacific and Mushroom Clouds over Japan

    The Final Solution - Destruction and Defiance


Topic 11 Notes - The Battle for Civilization: Cold War and Modern America

    From Cold Peace to Cold War

    "Better Dead Than Red!" - the Second Red Scare

    Cold War - Steamy Culture

    The Times They Are a'Changin - The Revolution of Civil Rights in the 1960s

    Arm Raised with a Clenched Fist - Black Power

    Vietnam Quagmire

    Stickin' it to the Man! (60s Counterculture)

          Counterculture Music of the 1960s & 1970s

    The End of an Era:  The Silent Majority & Presidential Scandal

    Hollywood on the Potomoc - The Reagan Revolution

    An Era of Turmoil - Terrorism & the Post 9/11 World

Major Semester Assignments/Handouts

   Fall Semester Film Project.pdf

   USH Movie Storyboard.pdf

   Spring Semester Final Project.docx