United States History

"I Am" the American Revolution

Assignment Task:


     Choose a specific person from the American Revolutionary Era.  This should be a historical figure (either patriot, loyalist, or fence-sitter) who impacted or participated in the American Revolution.

     Write a letter or diary entry in the FIRST PERSON from the perspective of the Revolutionary persona you have chosen.  For this assignment, you will be role playing as that person.  

     •      Your letter/diary entry should provide details about your historical figure's point of view during the American Revolution.

     •     You will only pick ONE area of the Revolution to detail from your figure’s perspective.  For instance, if your historical figure is a survivor of the Boston Massacre, you would only focus on the events leading up to the event and the Massacre itself, not the Declaration of Independence and the war and the Battle of Yorktown.

     •     Your letter/diary entry must meet the following requirements:

     •     Be typed, double spaced, and 2 pages in length

     •     Contain DETAILS and CREATIVITY that help bring your persona to

                         life, while remaining historically accurate

     •     Contain information that is based in primary and secondary sources

     •     Must have proper grammar, spelling and punctuation

Email your completed document to bcchsushistory@gmail.com