United States History


You are a member of the congress of the United States of America. The second world war has just ended and spirits are high. Troops in Europe are anxious to come back home and see their families. Citizens of your country are eager to welcome their victorious heroes. Suddenly, a new conflict is on the horizon. The Yalta Conference was a successful venture, however the Soviets have violated the Declaration of a Liberated Europe. President Roosevelt has just passed away and left Vice President Harry Truman as the new President. You are a member of a Congressional Committee established by President Truman to assist him in making crucial decisions about the current Soviet crisis at our doorstep.

Is this conflict avoidable, or do we have no choice but to oppose the spread of communism?


      1. Watch the “Crash Course US History” video.

      2. Fill out the Early Cold War Events and Decisions worksheet (download it here if you did not receive it in class).

      3. Do a quick search of the pages under the “Research” tab to help you answer the questions on the worksheet and make your decisions.

Decision Points -- Early Cold War



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