United States History

Abraham Lincoln --

Constitution Slayer?


     •      Abraham Lincoln has been indicted by

the House Judiciary Committee and will stand

trial in the Senate for usurping [going against]

the Constitution and overstepping his

presidential powers during the Civil War.  

Although there were many steps taken to

preserve the Union, the committee believes that

because of his abuses of power, he caused

infringement of individual rights, and wielded

his presidential powers without going through the checks and balances of Congress or the Supreme Court.  Many civilians were tried in military courts, first amendment rights of the press and political opponents speech was silenced, Habeas Corpus was suspended, and personal property rights were violated.  These are just some of the atrocities that the committee believe he allegedly committed.  

     •      It is your mission to either defend Lincoln, or make sure he is convicted and impeached. You will need to gather information on both positive and negative aspects of Lincoln's actions. You will also need to investigate the Constitution to look for principles and rights that were allegedly violated by Lincoln.  You will also need to know about the lives of everyday people who either benefited, or suffered during this time period.  After you have all of the evidence, you will  take part in the mock trial of Abraham Lincoln and decide if he is in fact guilty, or is innocent of these violations.


     •      President Abraham Lincoln is charged with violating the powers put forward by the United States Constitution through a tyrannical usurpation (overtaking) of power at the unnecessary expense of American Civil Liberties.



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