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European History:

    British women’s suffrage movement

    Prague Spring of 1968

    Hungarian Protests of 1956

    Conflict in Northern Ireland, Irish Republican Army

    Solidarity Worker Movement in Poland

    Basque Minority in Spain and France

    Totalitarian Dictatorships

    Nuremberg Laws

    Stalinist Gulags and Five Year Plans

    Gypsy Persecutions in Eastern Europe

    Armenian Genocide

    Janissaries in Ottoman Empire

    Anti-Jewish Pograms in Eastern Europe

    Napoleonic Code

    Reign of Terror, Law of Maximum and Law of Suspects

    Revolutions of 1848

    Irish Home Rule

    Easter Rebellion

    Serbian Genocide, Balkan Wars

    Marshall Tito, Red Terror (Yugoslavia)

    Protestant Reformation

    Thirty Years’ War

    Act of Suprmacy

    Spanish/Roman Inquisition

    Banned Books

    Gracchi Rebellion

    Christian Persecution

    English Abolitionist Movement

    Haitian Revolt

    Guy Fawkes Gunpowder Plot

United States History:

    Salem Witch Trials

    the Middle Passage

    American path to independence -- John Locke, Sons of

        Liberty, resistance to Parliamentary Acts

    the Great Compromise (US Constitution debate)

    Alien and Sedition Acts

    Jefferson and Religious Freedom

    Louisiana Purchase

    Impressment and the War of 1812

    Slave Trade

    Amistad Case

    Fugitive Slave Act

    Dawes Act (Native Americans on reservations)

    Cherokee Removal Act and the Trail of Tears

    Dred Scott Case (slavery upheld by Supreme Court)


    Lincoln’s suspension of Habeas Corpus

    Emancipation Proclamation

    13th-15th Amendments to the Constitution

     The Mann Act (prevent blacks and whites from         




    Workers’ rights

    the Labor Movement

    Robber Barons and unregulated Capitalism

    Anti-Immigration Laws

    Chinese Exclusion Act (and other Anti-Chinese Laws)


    Comstock Law (morality laws in early 20th century)


    Scopes “Monkey” Trial (anti-Darwinism)

    American Pacifist Movement in World War I

    Palmer Raids

    Japanese Internment in World War II

    Marshall Plan

    McCarthyism and the Red Scare

    Civil Rights

    Civil Rights Act and Voting Rights Act

    Black Power

    Anti-Vietnam War Movement

    SALT Treaties (Nuclear disarmament)

    9/11 and the PATRIOT Act

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