National History Day

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     NHD Topic-Sources Prep

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*National History Day

*Purdue Owl: Citing Sources in MLA format

*Fordham History Sourcebook

*Library of Congress

*Chronicling America -- Digital Sources in American History

*Montana Historical Society

*Need a Topic? -- Montana Historical Society NHD Bibliography Page has suggestions

*Proquest History Vault

*Eyewitness to History

*Primary & Secondary Sources in European History

*The English Glorious Revolution, 1688

*Liberty, Equality, Fraternity -- Exploring the French Revolution

*Primary Sources in Early American History

*Primary Sources in the Industrial Revolution in England

*The First World War

*Propaganda and Sources from the Third Reich

*PBS Eyes on the Prize: The American Civil Rights Movement, 1956-1985

*Black Past -- Civil Rights Leaders

*SNCC: 1960-1966, the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee

*Native Web Online -- Resources for Native American Studies and History

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