National History Day

This Year's Theme

Every year National History Day frames students' research within a historical theme. The theme is chosen for the broad application to world, national or state history and its relevance to ancient history or to the more recent past. This year's theme is Taking a Stand In History.  Your NHD project must formulate a thesis that fits within this thematic framework.  Choose a topic that analyzes the clash of cultures and civilizations, or the discovery of new worlds, the development of technology that changed the world, or the conquest of Empires.  In what ways has this topic affected history?  What were the successes and failures of the topic you have chosen?  What were the results?

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Your Research!



  • BCCHS Due/Competition            


  • State Competition     

     (April) - Belgrade, MT

  • Nationals Competition

     (June) - University of

     Maryland, College

     Park, MD

  • What's in it for you?

     Your grade, fame, and

     possible fortune!

Your project will need to be presented in one of the following formats (you can click on them to see links to example pages):

     • Exhibit

     • Performance

     • Documentary

     • Website - Click here to see how to  

make one                

     • Website - Click here to see an example

of a really good one      

The Project


Regional/State Competition

All students who are interested will compete in this year’s regional Montana National History Day Competition, which will be held in Bozeman, MT this April 8th at the Bozeman Catholic Community Center.  Attendance is mandatory for Extra Credit.

You can expect to be there from 8:30 to 2ish.

For Registration you will need the following infromation:

• Title of Your Project

• School Address:  3 Broadwater Ave Billings, MT 59102

• Teacher Name:  Shane Fairbanks

• Teacher email:

• Your web address (if applicable)

• Your email and PARENT email address

* You need this information for all of the students in your group.  I recommend that you register together as a group.

National Competition in College Park, Maryland

The National History Day competition brings approximately 3,000-5,000 students per year from around the country and around the world to compete for cash prizes and college scholarships.  Depending upon the category, winning projects could receive $5,000 cash prizes, full-ride scholarships to the University of Minnesota, the University of Maryland, or the University of Hawaii (to name a few), and win trips around the world (two weeks in Ireland and $1,000 spending money, for example).

Those who participate will also have the chance to spend a week touring the sites of  Washington D.C. and the surrounding areas, including Gettysburg, Yorktown, and Jamestown as a few examples.

The State Competition

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When is it Due?

MONDAY, MARCH 21 by 8:00 AM

     • Turn your projects into the Library

     • Exhibits will be set up on tables provided

     • Documentaries must be submitted as DVDs, on a USB drive, or published to YouTube with

        the link emailed before 8 AM

     • Performances must turn in a copy of their script (bring 3 copies)

     • Websites must be published with the link memorized by the group and emailed before 8 AM

What else do we need to bring?

     • Each group member must have 3 copies of their ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHIE

     • Each group member must have 3 copies of their PROCESS PAPER (500 word limit)

     • Printed script with 3 copies (for performances)

What should we expect from the presentation?

     • Be ready to discuss your topic for 5-10 minutes

     • Be ready to answer questions from your judges and peers for 5 minutes

BCCHS Project Completion