Film Editing & Design

*Fall Semester Photography Lessons:    


    Lesson - Photography 101

        Camera Tutorial:  Full and Basic Modes on Canon EOS Camera

        Camera Tutorial:  Creating Depth of Field

        Camera Tutorial:  Experimenting with Low Light

  Lesson - Photography Intro Portfolio

        Take ONE of each and post them to the Photography page of your website:

               1. Model Shot

               2. Action Shot

               3. Depth of Field

*Spring Semester Photography Lessons:    

Lesson - Creative Portraiture

          Take at least one creative portrait of a human or animal subject.  Your portrait must do more than simply be a picture of a person or animal, but it should tell a story about your subject and creatively bring that subject to life.

     Click here for an article about it

   Photography Portfolio (Spring Part 1)

        Create a photography portfolio containing at least TWO photos for each of the categories listed below.  You will present these in class, but you will also need to keep these files for a final Photography Portfolio assignment to be turned in at the end of the semester.  These pictures should be edited using Pixelmator, Photoshop, or other photo editing apps or internet resources that are available.

        Tilt Shift Photography (Miniaturize)

           Click here to see the lesson

        Black and White Photography

           Click here to see examples

        Photographer “Selfie”

           Click here to see the lesson

    Spring Photography Portfolio #2

      Take one picture for all of the following themes (Google them if you need ideas):