Film Editing & Design

*Need Extra Credit in Film?  Can't get enought Film? You can do any of the following projects at any time of the year:


Cinema Shorts (30 Second Films)

Assignment - Create a film that is exactly 30 seconds in length.  Your film should try to incorporate some kind of characterization, use quick cuts, and every person must direct and edit their own (you can have other people help you film).

Click here to see some previous examples


Film Analysis

     Choose any Oscar Nominated Film and compose a short essay that does the following:

          (1) Summarizes the plot of the film without giving away important details or the ending

             (2) Describes one scene, character, or cinematic style that made an impresssion upon you and why

     How to analyze film

      How to analyze movies like a boss (Part 1) -- After reading this article, scroll to the bottom that contains Parts 2--7 for additional ideas on how to analyze film

Film Appreciation Presentation

      Choose a movie that you think has some amazing qualities (artistically, musically, cinematically, etc.).  Group sizes are limited to 2 people, and no one can do the same movie. Next follow these steps:

      Sign up on the FE&D calendar with your movie choice (first come, first serve)

      Everyone in your group needs to have seen the movie you’ve chosen

      On the assigned due date, bring in a clip to play before the class

     Your clip should not be more than 5-7 minutes in length

      Your clip must be a clip taken from YouTube or ripped from a DVD, then saved to your powerpoint or to a flash drive (DO NOT bring in a DVD or take time to find the clip on YouTube)

      Your clip cannot give away any important plot features or endings

      In a visually-motivated powerpoint (has pictures and nice text with bullet points) describe to the class what about this movie reveals something incredible for the world of cinema

      Research some things about the movie to provide some information about the film, and focus especially on film trivia and fun facts about the film that make it memorable (you should also provide a basic summary of the film, but please don’t give away any endings!)

      Good research link:

Presentation Length = 10-12 minutes (including clip time)

      Independent Film Assignment:

      You will need to choose one of the films listed below and watch them outside of class.  You will then write a response paper that fulfills all of the following requirements:

           Must be TYPED and printed for submission

           Must have a 1 paragraph summary of the plot and main characters

           Must have a 1 paragraph description of the film noir elements and styles used in the film

           Must contain a description in which you choose ONE scene and describe the details of the scene, and how that scene fulfills the elements of the film noir genre

      These are the films you can choose from:

           Sin City (2005)

           Se7en (1995)

           Shutter Island (2010)

           Black Swan (2010)

           The Lookout (2007)

           The Machinist (2004)

           Collateral (2004)

           A History of Violence (2005)

           Drive (2011)

    Pro Project

     • You must complete a project by the end of the 1st semester that demonstrates your talents as

          an aspiring film maker

      • You must present a written Pro Project Proposal to your instructor by the second week of


      • This project can be done in groups of no more than THREE people, or as an individual

      • Project ideas could include:

           • 5-10 minute highlight film for a sports team

           • School play or musical production

           • Music video

           • Filming school events

           • Building things for the FE&D class (look up “Do-It-Yourself film making” on YouTube or

               online for some ideas).  Some possibilities could include:

           • Shoulder mount stabilizers for cameras

           • DIY lighting or audio

           • DIY camera dolly

           • Assisting another teacher with film or YouTube needs (filming a lab and putting it on their

               Moodle page, for instance)

           • Assisting Catholic Radio with podcast productions or filming needs (contact Roy Brown)

           • Marketing projects for the BCS system

    Random Film

      Make a film that uses as many of the film tactics that we have learned this semester that you can into a film that is 1-3 minutes in length, and based on the theme of Crazy, Ridiculous, or Even a Little Weird

      Click here to see previous examples

*Spring Semester Extra Credit Opportunities:

Screenplay Film Analysis -- Watch one or more films from the Oscar Nominated Films for Best Screenplay and Oscar Nominated Films for Best Adapted Screenplay.  After you have watched the film(s), TYPE a detailed response to the following questions:

     1. What film did you watch, and summarize the film and its plot (no major spoilers, please!)

     2. What was one scene that made an impression on you?  Describe it in detail.

     3. What was impactful about this film?  What did you learn about film as an art form from watching it?  What was particularly well-done about the film, and how did the screenplay make this possible?

Model Warfare Battle Scene -- Create a 2-5 minute war movie with toys and props.  Your focus should be on creating a realistic battle scene through the use of creative camera angles, appropriate sound and music, and special effects or impact explosions.   Avoid the following:

Scenery that looks out of place (cars, houses in the background)

Your hands guiding the props

Your shadows over the battlefield

Superhero Project -- Although this project is intended as a group presentation, you could also do this as an individual.  Plan a presentation date with your instructor.

Surreal Photography -- Create a crazy surreal photo using Pixelmator

Original Screenplay -- Write a screenplay that contains both dialogue and director cues (costuming, staging, action, narrators) to fit a 10-20 minute movie.  HINT:  A Screenplay to fit a movie of this length should be at least 10-20 pages in length!