Film Editing & Design

*Fall Semester Film Analysis:

   Lesson - Film Analysis Assignment

      How to analyze film

      How to analyze movies like a boss (Part 1) -- After reading this article, scroll to the bottom that contains Parts 2--7 for additional ideas on how to analyze film

    Writing Assignment - Movie Moment Assignment.pdf

    Film Apprecation Assignments:

          Cinematography (Children of Men, Birdman)

          Thriller (Shaun of the Dead, The Shining, Creep)

          Acting/Directing (Django, Whiplash)

          Film Analysis Worksheet (Saving Private Ryan).docx

*Spring Semester Film Analysis:


    Film Appreciation Assignments:

          Film Noir Analysis Assignment (BLACK SWAN)

          Film Noir Analysis Assignment (FIGHT CLUB)

          Film Noir Analysis Assignment (THE MACHINIST)

          Film Analysis Assignment (SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK)