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Filming Schedule:

STAGE 1 (Morning)

Depart from Central at 8 AM

Arrive at Colton Trench

All participants in Camo Attire

Film Scenes 1 (openning bombardment), 3 (pre-assault), 10 (gas attack, Germans enter American trench), 17 (Wilhelm meets Heinrich), 21 (Johnathan's entry into Trench)

STAGE 2 (Mid-Morning)

Arrival at Oscar's Park

Teams disperse to locations

Scene set-up

Film Assigned Scenes:

     Team 1 - Johnathan town scenes, Alfred & Johnathan fight scene, Johnathan & Marcus dialogue

     Team 2 - Otto & Willy dialogue scene, Willy in the Newspaper Factory working & reading letters

     Team 3 - No Man's Land PD (VFX prep, choreograph hand to hand combat, explosions prep)

     Team 4 - Trench PD

     Team 5 - Field Hospital PD, FH nurses/wounded soldiers scenes, Helen & Johnathan dialogue

STAGE 3 (Noon)

     All Soldiers - American trench prep scenes, gas attack

STAGE 4 (Early Afternoon)

     All Soldiers - No Man's Land Assault

     Teams 1&2 - Johnathan & Willy in shell hole exit after German assault/retreat, Johnathan returns to AmTrench

STAGE 5 (Early Afternoon)

     Teams 1 & 2 - Willy & Johnathan dialogue scenes (shell hole)


STAGE 6 (Mid-Afternoon)

     Teams 1, 2, & 5 - Johnathan returns to FH and Helen, Willy & Adolf return to FH and Elizabeth

     All other people - Cleanup and tear down

Filming Locations:

     March 31 - Blue Creek Trench; Oscar's Park

     TBD - Colton Field Trench

     TBD - Moss Mansion

     TBD - Central Gym

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