Gimme some ACTION!

Action Movies Unit

Action Movies Analysis

     • Choose TWO action films from the list below to analyze outside of class time:

        The Matrix


          Terminator 2

          Die Hard


          Tropic Thunder


          The Avengers

          Bourne Identity

          Any James Bond Film

          Hacksaw Ridge


          Mad Max

          Point Break


          Lethal Weapon

          Kill Bill vol 1



          Kiss of the Dragon

          The Fugitive


          The Rock

          John Wick 1 or 2

          Iron Man

          Dirty Harry

          Edge of Tomorrow

          The Kingsmen 1 or 2

          Empire Strikes Back

          Rogue One

     • After watching the TWO films (you may do more for extra credit), compose a short essay that does the following for EACH FILM:

     1. What is the plot of this film

     2. How does this film fulfill the "rules" of a kick-booty action film? (review the rules by clicking here)

     3. What tactics did the filmmakers use that you hope to use in your films?

Semester Benchmark #2 - Action Sequences

      Create a short film (10 minutes) that creates epic and glorious action through the use of AS MANY AS POSSIBLE of the following techniques:

           • Has some kind of dialogue/story/screenplay

           • Fast and slow motion

           • Multiple camera angles

           • Keyframe zooms and pans

           • Practical Effects

           • Effects -- muzzle flash, 3D camera angles, smoke screen, explosions, etc.

           • Green screen effects (if appropriate)

           • Design and print (in color) a PROMOTIONAL POSTER using Pages,

               Pixelmator or Adobe

           • Create a 30 second Trailer (due before the main project for anticipatory


Need help learning some practical effects?  Check out The Mad Monster Lab