Not confident in your acting skills?  See this for ideas.

Acting Seminar

Living in your Character

     ·     Can't become a character until you can physically be that character

          o     Walking

          o     What do you lead with?

          o     Over-exaggerate that

     ·     Introverts closed in (head low, shoulders low)

     ·     Extroverts opened up (chin high, chest out)

Levels – Dynamic staging

     ·     High, medium, and low

     ·     High – standing

     ·     Medium – squat

     ·     Low – sitting or very low squat

Acting is NOT pretending – must become that emotion or action

Whenever you create a character, ask these questions:

     ·     Who am I (the character)?

     ·     Where am I?

     ·     When is it? – time of day, year?

     ·     Where have I come from, what's my back story?

     ·     What do I want?

     ·     Why do I want it?

     ·     Why do I want it now?

     ·     What do I hope to accomplish?

     ·     What will happen if I don't get it now?

     ·     How will I get what I want, and what will it take to get it?

     ·     What must I overcome?

When you act, you become

When things happen that are not planned, you have to improvise.  You need to be able to read people